Information about Seteasy


This is your Marketplace.

Welcome to Seteasy, the 1st marketplace specifically made for selling and buying decor items & props from Movie & TV productions. 

Do we agree that we spend too much time organizing Set sales at the last minute, when the all crew is eager to finish a project in an organized manner?

Why not trying to get ahead, post items for sale online, get some money back, AND being able to look for that very special yellow couch we need in a few clics? It's like Facebook Marketplace, but better, because between us industry people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Seteasy a public platform? 

Yes, Seteasy is open and can be viewed by anyone, but we prioritize professionals of the Movie and Television industry.

Can I post my decor items & props for sale? 

Absolutely! To know exactly how to post item, you can visit this page

Is Seteasy free to use? 

The use of the platform for posting any item for sale is free. However, we charge a small commission fee for any confirmed purchase.

Why do you charge a commission? 

The maintenance of the platform has a cost that includes the hosting and the development itself. Also, note that if any purchase is made outside of the platform (of items found on Seteasy, but paid outside of it), the longevity of the platform cannot be guaranteed. Please, make all purchase through the platform so we can keep working on it. 

Why do I have to add my bank details? 

If you are planning to post items for sale, you need to add your bank details to be able to receive payments. 

Why can't I add items to a cart and make a bulk purchase? 

Unfortunately, this functionality is currently unavailable. If you want to buy more than one item, you will need to make individual purchases. 

I have just picked up the item I bought, why do I have to confirm the transaction? 

To avoid any error, our payment system Stripe, keep the transaction money until the buyer receives the item. This allows to make sure that exchange does happen. 

I've just sold an item online, why can't I see the transaction on my bank account? 

The money transfer from one bank account to the other can take several days. This allows our payment system to make security verifications. 

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us here.